A platform to Evaluate & Choose business products

PeerSay is an Israeli project management tool that simplifies the process of decision-making for Users. w3mantra was engaged to create the identity and provide the UX & UI design for the brand’s website.
Branding, Print Design, Responsive Web, UI

Online tool
The PeerSay logo reflects a process-oriented approach with turns to show the decision-making feature of the app. It comprises an 'e' to show the online aspect of the tool, as well as a check-mark to show selectiveness - another major feature of the product. The colors are kept business-like and serious while in the domain of technology.
UX Map
The user experience map prepared by w3mantra charts user journeys and is used to guide the UI design process.
The website takes a modern approach that explains the tool’s main features and advantages on the landing page while inner pages guide the user in creating projects intuitively.
Website - UI